About me...


I had my first contact with astronomy at the

age of 14. At that time I visited the observatory

in Traiskirchen and was fascinated by the

telescopes at first sight.


My interest in astrophotography became

apparent after a short time. At that time

I made my first experiences with taking

pictures of the night sky. A few years later

the digital revolution "took place" and new

and unimagined possibilities  opened up

in astrophotography.


In 2005, a friend and I built our own observatory, which we equipped with the time for

remote imaging. In any case, astronomy and astrophotography is one of the most interesting

and beautiful hobby ever.







X-mas card Occulum


Interstellarum Nr. 100 - IC 1318


ASA Calender 2016 - M 45


EAPOD 17.12.2016 - NGC 7023


FLI Astro Poster 2016 - Milky Way


Sterne & Weltraum Sept. 2016 - Mosaic NGC 3532


Sky & Telescope Nov. 2017 - Sh2-155


Vds Journal für Astronomie 4/2017 - Wo Licht ist...


TeleVue Blog Post "Imaging the skies over Austria"


Sky & Telescope Aug. 2018 - NGC 6188


Sterne & Weltraum Dossier 1/2018 -  Titelbild


Sterne & Weltraum Nov. 2018 -  M 31


Royal Museums Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the year 2018 - NGC 6188 shortlisted


Astronomy Dez. 2018 -  Barnard 8, 9 & 11


Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Collection 7 Book - NGC 6188, p. 139


Astrophoto der Woche (Astronomie.de) - LBN 603


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