ic 2944, running chicken nebula,

IC 2944 - The Running Chicken Nebula


RGB 85 85 85

Canon EF 70-200/2.8 IS USM II

Losmandy G11

FLI ML x694


Constellation Centaurus

Ra 11:38:20.00

Dec -63:22:22.0


IC 2944 (also known as Running Chicken Nebula) denotes an emission nebula with an embedded star cluster in the constellation Centaur. The nebula results from an H-II region of the Milky Way, which is about 6500 light years away and is thus located in the Sagittarius arm, the next spiral arm of the Milky Way. The most famous feature of this region are some dark cocoons, called Globule or more precisely Globuli Thackeray, in which stars are created.