IC 5146 - The Cocoon Nebula

LRGB 120 72 66 69 min.
ASA 16" RC f/8
ZWO ASI 6200MM Pro

Constellation Cygnus
Ra 21h 53m 24s
Dec 47° 16´ 00"

IC 5146 (also Caldwell 19, Sh 2-125 or Cocoon Nebula) is a reflection / emission nebula and Caldwell object in the constellation Cygnus. The NGC description refers to IC 5146 as a cluster of 9.5 mag stars involved in a bright and dark nebula. The cluster is also known as Collinder 470. It shines at magnitude +10.0/+9.3/+7.2. It is located near the naked eye star Pi Cygni, the open cluster NGC 7209 in Lacerta and the bright open cluster M 39. The cluster is about 4.000 light years away, and the central star lights it formed about 100.000 years ago. The nebula is about 12 arcmins across, which is equivalent to a span 15 light years.

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