milky way

Milky Way - Our Home Galaxy


RGB 65 65 65

Zeiss Distagon 15/2.8

Losmandy G11

FLI ML x694



Ra 17:14:47.47

Dec -35:59:25.1


Our Milky Way is the second largest representative of the local group. It has an approximate diameter of 120,000 light years. The name Milky Way comes from Greek mythology. Hercules so impetuously sucked on the breast of Hera, that some drops have spread over the sky. On this shot the Milky Way is seen in the constellations Scorpius, Sagittarius and Ara. Even with very short focal lengths large extended nebula complexes such as M 20, M 8 or the Cat Paws and Lobster nebula can be seen.