ngc 281, pacman nebula,

NGC 281 - The Pacman Nebula


HaOIIIRGB 300 255 35 35 35

Tele Vue NP 127fli

ASA DDM 60 Pro

FLI ML 16200


Constellation Cassiopeia

RA 00:52:25.099

Dec +56:33:54.00


NGC 281, also sometimes called the Pacman nebula, is an emission nebula in constellation Cassiopeia. The bright emission nebula is part of an H II region in the northern constellation of Cassiopeia and  part of the Milky Way's Perseus Spiral Arm. This 20×30 arcmin sized nebulosity is also associated with open cluster IC 1590, several Bok globules and the multiple star, B 1. The nebula was discovered by E. E. Barnard discovered in August 1883.