h and χ Persei

NGC 869, 884

RGB 63 63 63

Tele Vue NP 127fli

ASA DDM 60 Pro

FLI ML 16200


Constellation Perseus

Ra 02:18:38.11

Dec +57:04:15.4

NGC 869 is an open cluster located 7600 light years away in the constellation of Perseus. The cluster is most likely around 13 million years old. It is the westernmost of the Double Cluster with NGC 884. NGC 869 and 884 are often designated h and χ Persei, respectively. The Double Cluster is a favorite of amateur astronomers. These bright clusters are often photographed or observed with small telescopes. Easy to find, the clusters are visible with the unaided eye between the constellations of Perseus and Cassiopeia as a brighter patch in the winter Milky Way.

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