ngc 891, silver sliver,

NGC 891 - The Silver Sliver


L 150 45 45 45

ASA 16" RC


ASI 1600MM Pro


Constellation Andromeda

Ra  02:22:32

Dec 42:20:53


Visible in the constellation of Andromeda, NGC 891 is located approximately 30 million light-years away from Earth. The galaxy, spanning some 100 000 light-years, is seen exactly edge-on, and reveals its thick plane of dust and interstellar gas, with a few foreground stars from the Milky Way shine brightly in the image. While initially thought to look like our own Milky Way if seen from the side, more detailed surveys revealed the existence of filaments of dust and gas escaping the plane of the galaxy into the halo over hundreds of light-years. They can be clearly seen here against the bright background of the galaxy halo, expanding into space from the disc of the galaxy. Astronomers believe these filaments to be the result of the ejection of material due to supernovae or intense stellar formation activity. By lighting up when they are born, or exploding when they die, stars cause powerful winds that can blow dust and gas over hundreds of light-years in space.