NGC 891 - The Silver Sliver Galaxy

LRGB 150 45 45 45 min.
ASA 16" RC f/8
ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro

Constellation Andromeda
Ra 02h 22m 33s
Dec 42° 20´ 54"

NGC 891 is a 9.93 mag bright edge-on galaxy with 89.5 ° inclination, which means that it appears to us to be almost one hundred percent in the edge position. It is undisputed that this is a spiral galaxy. However, precisely because of the edge location, there is no "top view" that shows us the central area. NGC 891 is in the "Local Volume", that is the local area of ​​space up to 11 megaparsec (about 36 million light years) radius around our Milky Way. The radial velocity is given as 528 km / s, the distance as 9.95 Mpc or 32.5 million light years. In NGC 891 itself, the dustlane in the galactic plane can be seen very nicely structured. Dark branches rise from the dustlane perpendicular to the galactic plane into space.

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