At the beginning my equipment was still small and I only took photos mobile. But with the continuation the demands grew and the idea of ​​building an observatory came up. Also, sitting in the cold all the time and loading and unloading the equipment was just too stupid. So it was a matter of finding a suitable location that was not too far away and offered ideal conditions. Since there are only a few regions with really dark skies in Austria, a good location was found relatively soon.

My observatory is fully automated and controllable via the internet. In addition, it is equipped with an All-Sky-Camera,
SQM, weather monitoring system, a seeing monitor and a lightning protection system.

Size: 3 x 3m
Location: Joglland / Styria
(-760m above sea level)
SQM 21.6

ASA 400 16" RC
ZWO ASI 6200 MM Pro / FLI CFW 2-7

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