3200 mm focal lenght

400 mm main mirror

69 kg weight


German equatorial mount

100 kg load capacity

Encoder resolution (0.004 arcsec)



ASA 16" RC f/8 and ASA DDM 100

A Ritchey–Chrétien telescope (simply RC) is a specialized variant of the Cassegrain telescope that has a hyperbolic primary mirror and a hyperbolic secondary mirror designed to eliminate off-axis optical errors (coma). The RC has a wider field of view free of optical errors compared to a more traditional reflecting telescope configuration.


The ASA DDM 100 is a german equatorial mount with absolute encoders and direct drive technology. After modelling the pointing the positioning error is usually better than 5 arcsec RMS, the tracking performance is in the range of +/- 0.25 arcsec up to 10 min.

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