vdb 14, vdb 15, van den Bergh,

vdB 14 / 15


LRGB 210 105 105 105

Tele Vue NP 127fli

ASA DDM 60 Pro

FLI ML 16200


Constellation Camelopardalis

Ra 03:29:54.74

Dec +58:52:43.5


This beautiful pair of reflection nebulae are a small part of a large dust cloud in Camelopardalis.  They contain both reflection (blue) and emission (red) components, although the emission component is subtle and can be seen as the peripheral pale red regions in the above LRGB image.  VdB 15 is the large nebula on the left, surrounding the magnitude 5 central star C Cam, while VdB14 is the sickle-shaped nebula on the right, next to the magnitude 4 star B Cam (to its lower right).