"The strongest affection and utmost zeal should, I think, promote the studies concerned with the most beautiful objects. This is the discipline that deals with the universe´s divine revolutions, the stars motions, sizes, distances, rising and settings … for what is more beautiful than heaven?"
Nicolaus Copernicus

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What can you see in the sky? Are there any exciting things to see? Here I show my latest astrophotos. I would like to invite you to visit the gallery to see more pictures. Most of them were taken in Austria, some also in Namibia.


M 101

The Pinwheel Galaxy (or Messier 101) is a face-on spiral galaxy 21 million light years away from earth. It was discovered by Pierre Mechain in 1781. M 101 has a diameter of …

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M 13

Messier 13, also designated NGC 6205 and sometimes called the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules or the Hercules Globular Cluster, is a globular cluster of about 300,000 stars …

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Patrick Winkler

About Me

I had my first contact with astronomy at the age of 14. At that time I visited the public observatory in Traiskirchen and was fascinated by the telescopes and the night sky at first sight.

My interest in astrophotography became apparent after a short time. At that time I made my first experiences with taking pictures of celestial objects. A few years later the digital revolution "took place" and new and unimagined possibilities opened up in astrophotography. A lot has changed since then. I am currently operating my remote observatory in Styria. At regular intervals I "treat myself" to a bit of variety and take pictures under the perfect sky in

In any case, astronomy and astrophotography is one of the most interesting and fascinating hobby ever.

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