NGC 7129

LRGB 165 72 69 75 min.
ASA 16" RC f/8
ZWO ASI 6200MM Pro

Constellation Cepheus
Ra 21h 42m 56s
Dec 66° 06´ 12"

NGC 7129 is a star forming region and reflection nebula in the constellation Cepheus. It is about 3750 light years away. The stars in this nebula are very young and only 200.000 to 3 million years old. These more than 130 young stars are responsible for illuminating the nebula. The red blobs surrounding the nebula are Herbig Haro objects, which are the result of jets of gas streaming away from the young stars in the nebula. The nebula seems to be rosebud-shaped (if you rotate the picture to the left). This is because these young stars blew a large, oddly shaped bubble into the molecular cloud that once surrounded them at their birth.

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